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Seasonal Favorites

It’s always a holiday at Bon Bons! Find molded chocolates, seasonal candies, gifts and decorations​

From Valentine's Day Delights to Springtime Surprises

As love fills the air, Bon Bons Chocolatier transforms into a haven for romantic indulgence. Spark your sweetheart's flame with our exquisitely crafted Valentine's Day heart-shaped boxes, brimming with handmade chocolates! Browse our charming store for the perfect pairing – vibrant cards, playful decorations, and delightful gifts – to make this Valentine's Day truly unforgettable. Let Bon Bons Chocolatier be your one-stop shop for love's sweetest celebration!

And while we cherish the cozy magic of winter, we eagerly await the arrival of spring. Soon, our shelves will burst with the vibrant colors of the season. We'll be handcrafting delightful Easter baskets brimming with whimsical treats, and Mother's Day will follow with gifts, handmade chocolates and elegant confections.


So, let Valentine's Day be just the beginning of a season of sweet surprises at Bon Bons Chocolatier. Come explore the magic of chocolate, bite by bite, and savor the changing seasons with every delicious creation.

We are constantly updating our products and displays to coincide with the season or upcoming holidays. This gallery represents some of our recent seasonal items. Please visit our store in person for current promotions. 

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